Poker Dealers

Almost every poker player agrees that poker dealers are among the most desirable opponents. How does this happen? Even some talented playing dealers slip into `live’ play more often than they should.

I believe there are several reasons for this phenomenon. Once you understand the manner in which poor play appears, you will be able to take the best advantage of these opponents.

Keep in mind that the experience a dealer receives while doing their job could be valuable. Without study, guidance, or much thought however, most dealers misapply that experience. To understand how many dealers become poor players you must understand how most of them develop.

They can be quite intelligent, interesting people whose motivations lie in other areas than that which make a person successful in corporate America. However, many dealers are underachievers. They do not have to bring the troubles of work home with them, and they have chosen a job that allows them this freedom.

The trouble is that, dealing the game reenforces bad playing habits, especially when a dealer’s tables are full of poor players. Dealers mentally get to play two to three hundred hands each workday. They can constantly fantasize about how they would have done this or that with a certain hand to gain victory. They create scenarios in their minds about how they would outplay all other people.

It is often obvious at the end of a hand who will be winning the pot and this does not help. Somehow, in a dealer’s mind, this allows him to think that he is quite skilled at reading hands. In addition, a dealer never actually has to put his money into the pot during a hand.