Cell Phone Ban in Casino Sports Books Coming To An End in Nevada

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Cell phones used to give an advantage to the sharp bettor in Nevada casino sports books. They would use the devices to relay information back and forth between casinos, to see who had the most favorable lines.

The Gaming Control Board in the state banned the use of cell phones in these sports books to stop the illegal wagering. Now, in a day and age where the cell phone has become the main form of communication by most people, the Board is considering lifting the ban.

“When the law was enacted, probably the only guys using cell phones were book makers and drug dealers. Since then, even my 12 year old has a cell phone. The whole landscape has changed dramatically,” said Chris Andrews, from Leroy’s Race and Sports Book.

The people running the sports books have also gotten much more advanced at spotting anyone engaging in illegal betting operations inside the sports books. This advancement has led to less of a need for strict rules regarding cell phones.

The people who are in charge of this issue of cell phones will be holding public workshops. Once that has been concluded, the likely plan of action will be to eliminate the ban.

Another concern with the current laws is that it is almost impossible to stop cell phones from being used. Everyone has them, and telling the everyday person who roams into a sports book they cannot use their phone is more of a hassle than it is worth.