Causes of Poker Stress & How to Deal with Them

Although it is true that a lot of players most of the time due to the lack of Poker skills, it also cannot be denied that a lot of these losses are brought about by their inability to handle the stress and tension. This is a serious issue, and every prospective player must know the basic facts about it.

One of the best ways that any player, even the new ones, can learn how to cope with Poker stress is by knowing the causes. Of course, because each person is unique, there will be a multitude of possible sources.

However, one of the most common reasons that players experience Poker stress is when a player makes a sudden leap to a higher limit. This is something that you should avoid at all costs, because not only will you be putting more of your bank roll at risk, but you will be playing against people with great skill.

Although it may seem tedious, you should log in several hundred Poker hands playing in the lower limits, and only when you are beating them consistently, should you move up.

Another possible source of Poker stress is when a casual player decides to turn professional. Because of the kind of money that pro players make, a lot are tempted to play the game for a living too. While there is nothing wrong with playing the game on a professional level, you should be aware that it is not easy.

By turning pro, you will be playing more hands, and if it is going to be your source of livelihood, you might feel more pressure to win. For this reason, a casual player should only turn pro if his skills are up to par.

Of course there are other sources of Poker stress, including the decisions that you have to make during the game, and trying to live with it after the session, in case it does not work out the way you planned.

The way to deal with the tension and anxiety that Poker can produce is to avoid the things that cause it. For this reason, you should only play at the levels that you are comfortable with.

Avoid trying to do too much all the time. Just take your time learning the game, and enjoy it. The more you learn to enjoy the game, the less stress you will feel and the more Poker games you will win.