Casinos Spending Big Bucks on Both Sides of Gambling Expansion Law


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Usually there are opponents of expanded casino gambling. They are seen around the country campaigning because they feel casinos would be bad for a certain area. They offer up different reasons that range from addiction problems to crime.

Rarely, though, do you see actual operators of a casino campaigning against expanded gambling. That is what has happened lately in Louisiana. Two riverboat casinos that are docked in Louisiana have spent nearly $1.4 million on mail outs, consultants, and ads to ask for a “no” vote on Saturday.

On the other side of the coin, is Pinnacle Entertainment. They are hoping to bring a $250 million casino resort to the area. They have spent nearly $1.5 million on their campaign to convince voters to vote “yes”.

It is clear the existing casinos do not want Pinnacle moving in on their turf. The ad war has gotten so bad, that Pinnacle has accused the two riverboats of lying in one of their ads. The ad claims Pinnacle is trying to bully an elderly woman into selling her land, an accusation that Pinnacle says is completely false.

The truth to the story is that the lady would not sell to Pinnacle. The company has taken the issue to court for a ruling on where her 19.7 acre share of the land resides, this way the company can build around it.